We are flattered by the many warm compliments that we receive from our patients and their families, and we feel privileged to be a part of their lives.

Here are just a few of the kind things that our patients have to say about Dr Beckwith and the friendly team here at Mountain View Orthodontics:

  • "The staff was friendly and always upbeat, it was like being worked on by my friends!" –Andrea K.
  • "I wanted to say I think you do a fantastic job…not only with the treatment, but especially the way you connect with the kids. It is obvious from standing in your office that you've connected with the local community as well. I am very impressed." –Len C.
  • "It's a very nice office–clean & comfortable, chairs are comfy. The birds are really cute." (In reference to our lively, yet soothing aviary located in our reception area) –Rachel P.
  • "The careful and meticulous proper hygiene techniques–the on and off of gloves, etc., was noticed and appreciated." –Flo L.
  • "The nice and friendly staff made each visit comfortable and relaxing." –Corey R.
  • "I like the way that all the assistants used my name and always had a good attitude. I also like the TVs." –Jacob M.
  • "What I liked most is how they communicated what was going on and how we could work together to make it go faster. " –Ashley L.
  • "I enjoyed the friendly service. Also, I always got clear directions and the opportunity to ask questions." –Kelsey W.
  • "Dr. B really spent time with us and told us what I needed." –Gabriella F.
  • "All of my friends come here." –Katie R.
  • "Dr. Beckwith's honest answers, knowing I can always ask him, ‘What would you do if this was your child?' and he'll give me a straightforward answer." –Julie F.
  • I enjoyed joking around with the staff and the way they did such a awesome job on my teeth!" –Becca M.
  • "The chairs were what sold me. But my mom liked you guys too." –Ryan D.
  • "Dr. Beckwith: You and your staff are top notch!" –Hayley L.
  • "I liked the fact that I could tell I was cared about." –Skylinn S.